The Young Pope: A Little Different Perspective of the Life of a Pope

What would you do when you are expected to lead the billions of people worldwide by showing them a religious aspect of your life? What would you do when you are expected to be the representation of the Divine power, excluding you from the normal human functions and roles? What if you are expected to be Godlier and far much better than the rests of the mortal souls?

That’s the main idea of the miniseries The Young Pope with Jude Law as the main cast. You probably think that the Popes are all the seniors often like to stand on the balconies, looking tired and worn from the world’s burden over their shoulders. But it won’t be the same in this series; after all, Jude Law is far from being old and worn-looking. On the show, the Young Pope, you get to see something different – much humane from the regular expectations of the characterization of a Pope. Although the balcony scene will be available (what else can you expect?) there is a different approach to the life of a Pope.


The Young Pope is a miniseries that is the result from HBO, Sky, and Canal Plus working together. In this story, it is about Pius XIII or Lenny Belardo, the first American Pope ever. Sure, you can still expect the standard expectation of the Pope leading the mass or try to show the world about morale doctrine and whatsoever but at the same time, you get to see another perspective on the life of a Pope. You get to see that the world can be lonely despite all the glory and luxury surrounding you. You are surrounded by the friends and enemies, and sometimes you can’t separate them too. Yes, you will be leading all the Catholic churches and yet at the same time, it is a huge burden.

In this miniseries, you can also see the real life of a Pope, how they aren’t exactly different from you. Lenny is the combination of modern and old-fashioned, resolute and doubtful, naïve and shrewd, and so many things. You see that Pope isn’t a saint, and they can be devious too – just a human being after all. They can be ruthless. They experience hurt and disappointment. They know pain. They know hope. In fact, the life of the Pope isn’t that glorious, considering that you need to represent the God for humankind, and it is a scary thought. You will be alone. You have to be strong. You have to be tough. You have to be all pure and kind – and yet you know that you aren’t an angel, which makes the journey even harder and harder to bear.


The series directed by Paolo Sorrentino is offering a different perspective of life that we are all, after all, are only humans with mistakes, errs, and sins. And even though you are in the Vatican, it doesn’t make you a saint, after all. Besides Law, you can expect Diane Keaton, James Cromwell, Silvio Orlando, Ludicine Sagnier, and Toni Bertorelli. Expect the series to be available on the 27th of October in Sky Atlantic and around February 2017 on HBO.

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