Why You Should Build Private Blog Network

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You see last week I began getting e-mails from folks saying they were getting thin content punishments in their webmaster tools account. I hadn’t seen any departures on my websites, so I wasn’t sure what was going on. As much as I hate to address this debilitating post, I do it for your advantage. I happen to understand that many other folks were hit with this new punishment, but I imagine many of them will never openly address the problem. I am unsure if this is a brand new algorithmic upgrade, but that is apparently the most sensible change. Google seems to have upgraded their algorithm to find PBNs and then is penalizing those websites receiving links from those PBNs. Thus, what makes me so certain, this is a PBN punishment? I have a fairly adequate pool of places in my personal portfolio; some that used PBN links and others that didn’t. For instance, in my webmaster tools account, I ‘ve nine places. Five of those websites received the thin content guide actions. All five of those websites used private blog network. The remaining four websites in my personal webmaster tools account did n’t get any punishment and continue to function well in the search engines. None of these four websites used PBN links.

And needless to say, I ‘ve other websites beyond webmaster tools too. Is it a thin content punishment? The one accurate link between all websites that got hit with this new upgrade is that they all had PBN link not that they’d thin content. By way of example, Perrins aPennyShaved.com website also got hit, which has fantastic content. This is, also the example website from Market Website Job 2. Perrins website had been bringing in between $3,000 to $4,000 a month for the previous several months, so it was a rather serious hit for him. I really believe that for most folks strike over the weekend; it wasn’t a thin content punishment, but a linking punishment. Ouch! On the other hand, the real damage was MUCH more prevalent than Perrin or I. Ive already learned from dozens of others via e-mail or website remarks that were additionally penalized. The truth is, Hayden from No Hat Digital was hit very hard too. I’ve learned from many others that are fairly well-known for building outside PBNs, and they were all reach also. Additionally, Standing Hero wasn’t able to escape the Google hit as well. Just like everyone else across the internet Ranking Hero felt the damage. Because of this, Status Hero is seemingly not accepting new customers or places. If you were a present customer of Position Hero, they’d be contacting you this week via e-mail to discuss going forward. Now apparently this punishment damage me, Perrin, and many others in our pocketbooks. But as much as it hurts to say it, Ive warned against the usage of PBNs and unethical link building before. Actually, Ive always understood and consistently said that using these kinds of link scheme was a short lived enterprise.

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On the other hand, the cash that could be brought in in the short term was always worth the danger. Sure, I understood that websites might just last a year or 2, but they’d be tremendously rewarding. And that’s been the situation. Nevertheless, Ive also talked MANY times about how I assemble other parts of my portfolio without using PBNs. Ive always said that there’s a great, better, and best means to be outside building sites. Thus, simply because some of my websites used PBNs, it is most definitely not what Ive advocated for everyone and have consistently attempted to be upfront with the threats. So how did Google locate all the websites that had PBN links? No one understands except for Google, but I guess it was an upgrade to their algorithm that found link routines that are seemingly used in PBNs. Once a PBN was a found, a guide reviewer probably looked at associated websites and began handing out those guide activities. For more info about PBN, visit http://www.42-networks.com/